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Description: a contemporary multiethnic church in Falls Church, Virginia
Hits: 422  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 5 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: A weekly contemplative service held at Cedar Ridge Community Church. Cedar Ridge recognizes diversity among Christians in nonessential areas. We do not press for uniformity in these areas, but rather encourage people to search the Scriptures, seeking balance, mutual understanding, humility and love. Additionally, we seek to respect one another´s differences without a quarrelsome, arrogant or divisive spirit, and to return continually to the great commandment, to love God and o
Hits: 685  |  Rating:Rating 5.0( 5.0 ) by 4 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: Gateway Community Church is a brand new church in Herndon, Virginia, where you can build a balanced, spiritual life, or search for answers to your questions about faith and God.
Hits: 490  |  Rating:Rating 4.0( 4.0 ) by 5 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: WSC is dedicated to forming interpersonal spiritual connections between a diverse population within the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area through open fellowship and active learning experiences
Hits: 309  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 4 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: A community of over 700 families, Saint George does not comprise a community of believers in the Protestant sense, but only a group of individuals. However, in coming together to celebrate the Eucharist in the name of the one, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church the people of Saint George become a Church. There is no distinction between "local" and "universal" Church in the Eucharist. Although Saint George is, in the celebration of the Eucharist, the One Church in its fullnes
Hits: 1104  |  Rating:Rating 4.0( 4.0 ) by 4 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: Large, informative site about the cathedral and about Orthodoxy
Hits: 523  |  Rating:Rating 4.0( 4.0 ) by 4 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: 36th and Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20007(202) 333-4730
Hits: 902  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 4 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: Distric of Columbia dating Singles -online personals where you can post free ads, browse photos and ads of hot, sexy single men and women.
Hits: 625  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 9 users  Added: 9/6/2007
Description: A strong cast, impressive production values, and astute direction distinguish this generally successful dramatization of the tumultuous life of the 15th-century French heroine whose military victories were eclipsed by her martyrdom. At the heart of the story is the conflict between the teenager's simple but fierce faith and the more complex political and theological issues that influence her downfall, a theme fleshed out through the portrayals of the young warrior's liege, the
Hits: 589  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 9 users  Added: 8/28/2007
Description: This 1961 version of Jesus' story gives historical context to the best-known Biblical tale and features many memorable moments, such as a moving Sermon on the Mount and a vixenish Salome dancing for her stepfather in a performance that rivals today's MTV video offerings. Orson Welles keeps the 168-minute film moving along with informative narration helpful to those who haven't read the New Testament in a while. Made with backgrounds that resemble Southern California more than
Hits: 475  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 5 users  Added: 8/28/2007
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